Healthy Fresh Meals - Clean Eating, Made Simple and Delicious!

By Nicole Cerquitella September 23, 2018

I received sample meals from Healthy Fresh Meals in exchange for my honest feedback.  No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

I am excited to tell you about an amazing healthy fresh prepared meal delivery service.   It’s called Healthy Fresh Meals, and boy did they get the name right!  Based in Washington DC, Healthy Fresh Meals delivers just that: fresh, chef cooked meals with exceptional quality, amazing flavors, and fresh vibrant ingredients, conveniently delivered right to your door!  Healthy Fresh Meals is so easy to use – no subscriptions, no minimums, and easy ordering and delivery.  Simply visit their website, choose the meals you like, and place your order before Friday at 5:00 a.m., for  delivery on Sunday.  You can choose from their clean menu, low carb menu, or choose custom options.  

When the delivery driver arrived at my house, he brought me a bag containing 6 individually portioned and packaged meals – each labeled with nutritional information and heating instructions, ready to go straight into my refrigerator.   They all looked amazing, and tasted even better.   All of the the meals I tried contained beautiful fresh vegetables, prepared perfectly.   Well seasoned and clearly fresh, not at all soggy or watery like sometimes found in prepared foods.  The portion size was perfectly satisfying for one person.  Even my husband was filled with the meals he tried.  The flavor profiles were gourmet and unique enough to make the meals exciting but still accessible enough that my kids really enjoyed the meals they tried too.  The whole family enjoyed our Healthy Fresh Meals, and I felt good knowing we were eating such healthy, nutritious foods.   

I love to cook.  Sometimes, though, there just isn’t time for that.  With Healthy Fresh Meals there is no prep work at all – a simple 1-3 minutes in the microwave and you’ve got yourself a really healthy and nutritious, wholesome meal.  Another unique feature of this company is that it is not a subscription service.  With Healthy Fresh Meals, when you want meals you order them, no long term commitment or strings attached, just a $10 delivery fee.  Think of the possibilities!  Maybe you’ll be single parenting for a week, and you know your picky kids will only eat the same three items they always eat.  Order some Healthy Fresh Meals for yourself for the week and cut the burden of cooking for just one.  Working late and trying to avoid unhealthy fast food options at the office or home?  Healthy Fresh Meals to the rescue!   Trying to reset your diet and move towards portion control and nutritional foods?  Take the guess work  out of meal planning and kick start your new routine by ordering Healthy Fresh Meals for your meals.  No excuse needed, Healthy Fresh Meals provides high quality foods right to your door.     

My favorite meal was the Salmon Vera Cruz and the kids enjoyed the Asiago Chicken Pasta, though they did avoid some of the sun dried tomatoes and spinach, both of which I loved in the dish.  My husband really enjoyed the Marsala Meatballs and the Pesto Turkey Burger, though he did add a burger bun from our breadbox, since it came sans bread.  I can attest, the pesto was really flavorful and light, - great on the burger and on the veggies accompanying the burger.  I just cannot say enough about the fresh veggies in each of the meals -  they were just so good, like farmers market fresh!  These are so much better than frozen TV dinners or grocery store prepared foods.  A simple 1-3 minutes in the microwave and you’re enjoying a Healthy Fresh Meal!     

Healthy Fresh Meals has generously offered our Mac Kid family a 10% discount on orders.  The code is macaroni10.  Enjoy!