About The Publisher: Manisha D

Hey everyone, Manisha here!

I am your new publisher for Rockville-Gaithersburg. I enjoy finding new activities for my children and look forward to helping you find activities and events for your families! 

Some things we enjoy are cooking together, trying new experiments, watching tons of movies, and going to different events. 

Some things that would be helpful for me to make sure I am providing you with things you love to see are to receive your feedback. Please feel free to email me at mackidrockville@macaronikid.com anytime, I love to chat!

I would love and appreciate you sharing my website with your community, friends, and families! This will help me reach more families who need resources that I may be able to provide information on.

 I have loved following Macaroni Kid for ideas on community events to entertain my children, and I am excited to be a part of the Mac-Kid Family. I'm also looking forward to sharing resources for local businesses.