Olympic Torch

Macaroni Made

By Anna Hall, Hickory NC Publisher Mom July 25, 2021

The Olympic flame dates back to the first Olympic games in ancient Greece.  A flame was ignited by the sun and kept burning until the end of the games.  The flame represents purity and a quest for perfection and was introduced to the modern Olympics at the 1928 games in Amsterdam.  The Olympic Torch relay, where the flame is transported from Greece to the site of the games, was introduced in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.  To commemorate the start of the 2012 Olympics on Friday, make this simple craft with your kids!

Materials needed:

- large white piece of paper (we used 11x17)

- clear tape

- 1 sheet each of yellow, red and orange tissue paper

- glue

What to do:

- Roll the white piece of paper into a cone shape and tape it closed.

- Layer sheets of tissue paper flat on the floor in the following order: yellow, orange and red.  Grab and gather the sheets in the center.

- Place the bouquet of tissue sheets into the cone opening.  You can apply glue around the inside of the opening before tucking in the sheets.  Once dry, the glue will hold the sheets in place.  Children can choose to decorate the cone to their liking to make the torch their own.