Our Favorite Thrift Stores in Rockville-Gaithersburg

Fun for the Whole Family!

By Nicole Cerquitella, Publisher July 15, 2021

My fifteen year old daughter has really gotten into fashion and shopping over the past couple of years.   She loves to find ways to express her personal style through fashion, and loves to shop local thrift stores to find new-to-her treasures!

Last weekend, we stopped at a local thrift store while out running errands.  I love scouring racks for a good bargain, so of course I had a great time.   What I underestimated, though, was just how much fun my four year old daughter and seven year old son would have thrifting right along with us.  

At thrift store prices,  I could afford to let my 4 year old flex her fashion diva muscles.  She left with a sparkly gold purse, a wide brimmed summer hat and a really cute pair of shorts!  My son took a bit more convincing.  While I found (and bought) a few great shirts for him for just $2.00 each, he wasn't impressed with clothes shopping.   We did find some cool toys and books that caught his attention, though, and he was able to pick out a few DVD movies that he was really excited to see.  

Everyone left with a big grin, excited for their new goods, and we got it all for less than we would have spent to buy just 1 or 2 of the items brand new in a retail store.  

Take a break from the heat this summer and go thrifting!  Maybe you'll get to host a fashion show or movie night with your scores!

Here are 3 of  our favorite thrift stores in Rockville and Gaithersburg:

Planet Aid Thrift Store (5520 Randolph Rd., Rockville, MD)

This thrift store is huge and we love the endless possibilities of that alone!  There is something for everyone in this store: clothing, furniture, toys, decor and more!  

Uptown Cheapskate Rockville (1038 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD)  

A bit of a trendier more hip thrift store, Uptown Cheapskate has popular brands and on trend fashions.   They offer new and gently used clothing, which is fun.   My daughter loves that they offer text updates highlighting their special deals and events!

Life4Animals Thrift Shop  (15938 Luanne Dr. Gaithersburg, MD) 

We like that the shop supports a number of nonprofit animal causes.   My teenager often find great clothes there for herself.  She really likes their $1 tee shirt rack, too.   They have a small dog/pet item section with collars, toys and costumes for pets.   I did not see a lot of children's clothing while we were there, but did find some treasures for myself, and some accessories for my younger daughter.