Gaithersburg Home Baker in Running for World's Greatest Baker Title

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By Nicole Cerquitella, Publisher June 9, 2021

Our own Gaithersburg resident Jaycee Carmelita Jimenez Garcia, owner of Jaycee's Home Baked Sweets and Treats is in the running for the title The Greatest Baker!  She has made it successfully through several rounds of competition already.  This week the competition gets even more fierce.  

Jaycee must maintain her position as first place to be able to move to semifinals next week! 

Jaycee is an amazing baker.  Her cheesecakes, brownies and pies are irresistible.  My personal favorite is her key lime pie – it is perfection.  Jaycee does all of her baking while being a stay at home mom to her 3 children and taking care of her son, who has a rare chronic illness called Prune Belly Syndrome (also known as Eagle Barrett Syndrome).  In fact, Jaycee will tell you, she has developed her baking skills as a form of therapy, helping her cope with the depression, anxiety and worry that comes from helping her seven year old son CJ through 36 surgeries.  CJ is only seven years old, and his medical journey is far from over.   Recently, CJ had his 36th Surgery, this time a replacement of rods on his spine.   

Prune Belly Syndrome is a medical anomaly that occurs 1 in 40,000 pregnancies. 50% of babies born with PBS will die at birth, or shortly after. Of the 50% that survive birth, another 50% will not survive past their second birthday. PBS has NO CURE. It is a rare, lifelong, life-threatening disease.  The disease causes the area around the belly to not have abdominal muscles along with poor urinary tract conditions.  CJ also suffers from severe scoliosis, has only 1 functioning kidney, and has numerous other medical conditions.  

If Jaycee wins The Greatest Baker, the prize money will go to paying some of the astronomical medical bills that her family has amassed due to CJ’s medical conditions.  Jaycee is eager to raise awareness about Prune Belly Syndrome through this competition, as well.

If you’ve had Jaycee’s delicious baked goods, you know she deserves this title on merit!   If you have not had the chance to enjoy her tasty treats, take my word for it – they are heavenly.

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Please vote daily until July 1st, when the contest closes, and let’s support Jaycee for Greatest Baker!