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April 10, 2012

BubbleBum Booster, Isabelle Grace Jewelry, Daddy Scrubs and More!

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You know we are always on the hunt for awesome new and/or unique products that we know you will love and NEED to know about.  This week, we have a bunch of amazing new finds to share with you!

The first product you need to know about is the BubbleBum Booster seat.  For those with kids ages four to 11(and 40-100lbs) who have been looking for the perfect booster seat for travel, carpooling, or even everyday use, our hands-down favorite is from BubbleBum! This is our new must have travel item and we're buying one for the grandparents and an extra to keep on hand in case we are driving any other kids around.  The booster inflates in less than 30 seconds, deflates and stuffs into a small, light-weight stuff sack, and is super easy to clean.  We've been testing ours out with my 4.5 year old for the past few weeks and he finds it comfortable enough to use everyday.  My son has even fallen asleep in the booster seat and been comfortable enough to stay asleep.

The BubbleBum retails for $39.99 and can be purchased online or by calling 1-800-969-6586.


Another favorite new line I just discovered is Isabelle Grace Jewelry.  If you've seen me out-and-about recently, you have seen my favorite new necklace. The Birthstone Tag Necklace from Isabelle Grace Jewelry is such a fabulous piece you can dress up or down to help carry your kids close to your heart! The birthstone and pearl and simple, but truly beautiful touches. And, I love that if you have more kids later, you can keep adding on to this necklace without it becoming obsolete.  The chain, one birthstone tag and a pearl retail for $85 and you can add additional birthstone tags for around $70 each.  Also, because each piece is handmade when you order, you do not have to worry that you won't be able to find a certain name or spelling of a name. 

After wearing this necklace and receiving dozens of compliments over the past few weeks, I think the Birthstone Tag necklace will be one of my go-to new mom gifts in the future.  In addition to the personalized necklaces (offered in a variety of styles), Isabelle Grace also offers several great items for men, kids, brides, and many beautiful, ready-to-ship pieces.  


Today’s dad is hands-on and engaged, starting before baby is even born. So what do you get the expectant dad for Father’s Day? Scrubs, tees, boxers, hats and other gifts that boldly and proudly tell the world that he is going to be a daddy! DaddyScrubs offers an array of Daddy Gear that is as fun as it is functional. Pamper expectant dads with DaddyScrubs, signature labor and delivery Scrubs, and prepare them for little ones with the Bag O’Books, stuffed with popular baby and daddy books. All DaddyScrubs gifts come emblazoned with “I’m the Daddy” which makes the proud papa feel important and extra special.
DaddyScrubs creates and sells Daddy Gear for labor, delivery, and beyond, including the signature DaddyScrubs, comfy medical scrubs that help dad keep his cool in the hospital. Once baby arrives, daddy can sport DaddyScrubs’ full line of “I’m the Daddy” tees, hoodies, hats, accessories, and more. 

I think DaddyScrubs are going to become THE go-to products when you need a fabulous gift for a special dad-to-be!

*We were provided with a sample from each of the product lines listed in order to give our honest feedback about the product and the line.  No other form of compensation has been received and all opinions expressed are our own.

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