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Macaroni Kid's Search for The Fittest Family

March 21, 2012

Enter to be America's Fittest Family and Win a Trip To The Four Season!

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Introducing Macaroni Kid's First Annual Search for America's Fittest Family!!!  The contest to recognize a family who will inspire us all…and it could be yours!

Has your family been taking more walks?  Hikes? Bike-rides?  Swims?  Do you find yourself turning the TV off and opting for outdoor activities?  Have you made it a habit to cook healthy, home-made meals together?  Does your family seek fun new challenges and adventures?  This is the contest for YOU!  Your family could be Macaroni Kid's America's Fittest Family, and win a family trip to The Four Seasons Scottsdale!!!!

Here's the deal…at Macaroni Kid, we believe that incorporating fitness into your family's routine should be a priority, along with spending time together, laughing, learning, exploring, traveling, taking care of yourself and others, doing good for your community, and...having as much family fun as possible!  Fitness enhances our individual well-being, which enables us to be the best we can be for our families, both inside and out.  Families making fitness a priority benefit from improved health and wellness, increased confidence, and of course, more quality time together.

The feeling of taking on a new challenge and accomplishing a physical goal is truly irreplaceable, and doing so as a team is even more rewarding! If you and your family have made changes, and strides, big or small, towards living an active lifestyle, we want to hear from YOU!  It's our goal to inspire our readers, and each other, to take on new challenges and reap the benefits, both physical and emotional, of family fitness.

So tell us why your family is this year's Fittest Family! To enter, click HERE.  Just fill out the form and email a short video clip or a few photos to [email protected] between now and May 10th!

The winning family and two runners-up will be featured in the May edition of Macaroni Kid Family Fitness.  America's Fittest Family will be awarded the Grand Prize trip to The Four Seasons in Scottsdale, Arizona!!  Runner-up families will receive super special fitness swag bags valued at over $100 and the first 100 entrants will receive a fitness-fun bag packed with samples from our sponsors!

Most of all, Thank YOU, readers!  We can't wait to hear about your family's fitness adventures!

Stay fit!

Kiley and the MK team!

*To enter, click here.  For official contest rules, click here.

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